Advertise Here_

Advertise Here_ is a set of eight limited edition lightfast prints on archival paper. Dimensions 59cm x 84cm each. Advertise Here_ images respond to a process of collecting urban signs and signals.

Advertise Here_ es una serie de limitada de impresiones digitales en papel archival. Dimensiones 59cm x 84cm cada una. Advertise Here_ responde a un proceso de capatación de símbología y señalización urbana.

Trespassers will be prosecuted. Ima Pico ©. 2010

This property is vacant. Ima Pico ©. 2010

Use hammer to break glass. Ima Pico ©. 2010

To be razed for urban regeneration. Ima Pico ©. 2010

Slippery when wet. Ima Pico ©. 2010

Advertise here. Ima Pico ©. 2010

Guard dogs on premises. Ima Pico ©. 2010

Thieves operate in this area. Ima Pico ©. 2010

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